Las Vegas Best Places USA in March: Top Spots for an Unforgettable Spring Break

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Las Vegas shines as a hub of non-stop excitement and premier entertainment, becoming a favorite for those craving a thrilling getaway. Visiting in March in the USA is a sweet spot—mild weather, minimal rain, and the bonus of lighter crowds and tempting travel offers. As a result, Vegas in spring has been a goldmine of diverse attractions and outdoor ventures.

Why Visit Las Vegas in March

The month of March offers a perfect snapshot of Las Vegas at its best. It’s a time when the city truly comes to life. Therefore offering an array of experiences and a vibrant social calendar.

Reasons for visiting Las Vegas

Ideal Weather

Visiting Las Vegas in March is an excellent choice for travelers who want to experience the city’s vibrant atmosphere at its best. You can see the sin city this month as the weather is ideal. The temperatures are warm but not too hot during the day. Oftentimes, you can experience a nice breeze at night.

March marks the start of the spring season, which is considered a high season in Las Vegas, as more people are drawn to the city due to the fantastic weather.

In addition to that, you can also take advantage of outdoor activities and attractions, such as:

  • Attending parties
  • Strolling the Strip
  • Dining al fresco, like Cabo Wabo Cantina’s Strip-side patio

Budget-Friendly Travel

Another great reason to visit Las Vegas in March is the affordability factor.

As more people book Vegas trips from late spring to early fall, visiting in March could be wise for travelers on a budget. During this time, you might find slightly lower hotel rates and travel deals before the peak tourist season hits. Saving on accommodation and travel means extra for Las Vegas’s shows, dining, and entertainment.

Events for Every Interest

Moreover, Las Vegas in March is home to numerous events and activities that cater to audiences of all ages. There’s something for everyone during this month, whether you’re interested in:

  • Lively parties
  • Elegant shows
  • Family-friendly attractions

To put it simply, visiting Las Vegas in March combines the city’s charm with affordability and comfort.

Top Hotels to Stay In

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is a classic choice when visiting Las Vegas. This iconic hotel offers luxurious accommodations and world-class entertainment options. Guests can enjoy a variety of dining experiences. They can expect from top-rated chefs to casual eateries and indulge in some retail therapy at the Forum Shops.

Keep in mind that rates at Caesars Palace can vary depending on the season, but deals are often available for those savvy travelers.

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is another popular hotel option on the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel offers comfortable and spacious rooms. Numerous visitors enjoy the extensive Grand Pool area, featuring a variety of swimming pools, lazy rivers, and swirling hot tubs. Additionally, this sprawling resort boasts establishments like:

  • Impressive casinos
  • Numerous fine-dining choices
  • Entertainment options like Cirque du Soleil

Keep an eye on the rates as they can be quite competitive, especially during off-peak seasons.

The Venetian

The Venetian might be the perfect choice for those desiring a touch of Italy in the heart of the Nevada desert. The Venetian offers a unique and unforgettable experience, with rates reflective of its luxurious offerings. This upscale hotel offers elegant rooms, suites, and a massive casino and shopping center.

In addition, guests can explore activities such as:

  • A romantic gondola ride on the hotel’s winding canals
  • Dine at renowned restaurants
  • Catch a live show

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay brings a taste of the tropics to Las Vegas with its beach-inspired pools and cabanas. The hotel’s large casino, diverse dining, and attractions like Shark Reef and House of Blues attract travelers. Mandalay Bay’s rates vary seasonally, but early booking or promotions can offer savings.

Golden Nugget

For a slightly different Las Vegas experience, the Golden Nugget offers a taste of old-school Vegas charm in the heart of downtown.

Though not located on the Strip, the Golden Nugget offers guests great rates and plenty of amenities to make their stay memorable. Some of its main attractions are:

  • Renowned casino
  • Dining options like the Chart House and Grotto Italian Ristorante
  • Unique pool area with a three-story water slide that passes through a shark tank

Must-Visit Casinos

Las Vegas is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and iconic casinos. Each casino offers a unique blend of thrilling games, luxury accommodations, world-class entertainment, and culinary delights. Let’s have a look at each one.

Tropicana Las Vegas

Tropicana Las Vegas is an iconic casino and hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, widely known for its tropical theme. The casino offers various gaming options that cater to players with different preferences. That is why, this casino is favored for its laid-back vibe and fun gaming.

The best part about Tropicana Las Vegas is you can find numerous:

  • Slot machines
  • Table games
  • High-limit room
  • Poker room

Bellagio Casino

The world-famous Bellagio Casino is an unforgettable Las Vegas destination, well-known for its luxurious ambiance and high-end gaming options. The casino’s elegant interior design sets it apart from other casinos on the Strip, providing an unmatched gambling experience.

With an impressive 7,000-square-foot poker room that includes two high-limit areas, Bellagio is a poker enthusiast’s dream. This sophisticated, slightly less-smoky atmosphere at Bellagio earns high praise from seasoned players.

Additionally, the casino offers a variety of table games such as:

  • Pai Gow
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Slot machines

Luxor Casino

The Luxor Casino is located within the remarkable Luxor Hotel & Casino. Its unique pyramid shape and the bright sky beam shooting into the sky stand out.

It has 1,100 slots, video poker, and multi-game machines with various denominations to cater to all types of players. Moreover, its spacious gaming area also includes an extensive selection of table games, making it an alluring destination for both casual and seasoned gamblers.

Eating Out in Las Vegas

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In addition to casinos and hotels, Las Vegas is also known for its vibrant culinary scene. Through this, visitors can enjoy diverse options, from world-class restaurants to unique and local eateries.

With so many excellent restaurants in the city, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste buds.

Classic, Upscale, and Local Dining


One of the must-visit restaurants on the Strip is Peppermill, a local retro diner offering unique lounge vibes. With its inventive cocktail menu and delicious dishes, this diner is a great pick for a fun dining experience.

Golden Steer

For first-time visitors to Las Vegas, dining at the Golden Steer is a rite of passage. This classic steakhouse even has a booth dedicated to Frank Sinatra, making it a historic experience as well.

For more upscale dining, many celebrity chefs have restaurants in Las Vegas where you can indulge in luxurious cuts of meat, specialty cocktails, and seasonal menus.

KinVibes Pro-Tip: Don’t be afraid to explore the diverse dining options; remember to always leave room for dessert! Las Vegas is a food lover’s paradise, and March is the perfect time to experience all it has to offer.

Best Attractions

hoover dam usa.
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Hoover Dam

The iconic Hoover Dam is a must-visit attraction near Las Vegas. This engineering marvel is situated less than an hour’s drive from the city, making it an easy road trip day for tourists.

With guided tours or hikes, visitors can learn about the dam’s history, functionality, and significance.

Grand Canyon

If you’re visiting Las Vegas in March, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the breathtaking Grand Canyon.

March’s milder weather allows for more comfortable exploration, so it’s a great time to venture out to this awe-inspiring destination. Moreover, this natural wonder is one of the world’s most famous landmarks and offers plenty of outdoor activities like:

  • Hiking
  • Rafting
  • Helicopter tours

Red Rock Canyon

For those looking for a more relaxed and scenic outing, Red Rock Canyon is the place to go. Just a short drive from Las Vegas, this beautiful conservation area is filled with:

  • Colorful sandstone formations
  • Abundant wildlife
  • Variety of hiking trails for all skill levels

Visitors can enjoy the lovely weather and vivid landscapes in March, making it a favorite outdoor attraction among locals and tourists alike.

Neon Museum

The quirky and fascinating Neon Museum is another must-see attraction in Las Vegas. This unique museum showcases the city’s rich history through its collection of vintage neon signs, many of which belonged to iconic hotels and casinos.

A casual stroll through the “Neon Boneyard” allows visitors to appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship behind these dazzling installations and learn about their roles in shaping the city’s identity.

Here’s a streamlined table highlighting appropriate activities for various age groups, kids and adults, with a detailed breakdown of what’s included in the tour.

AttractionsActivities Suitable for KidsSuitable for AdultsTour InclusionsAdditional Information
Hoover DamEducational tours, interactive exhibits for kids; historic exhibits, photography, visitor center for adults.Guide, exhibits, visitor center accessComparable to the engineering feats found in the Texas Hill Country
Grand CanyonSightseeing; hiking at Grand Canyon Village, mule rides, overnight camping, rim tours for adults.XTransportation, guides, equipment for activitiesManaged by the National Park Service, similar to Arches and Glacier National Parks
Red Rock CanyonNature trails, scenic drives, picnicking for all; rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding for adults.Map, visitor center exhibits, guided options availableEarly spring visit recommended; akin to the natural beauty of Colorado Springs
Neon MuseumVisual exploration, art appreciation for kids; night tours, photography, events, and exhibitions for adults.Guided tour of the “Neon Boneyard”, historical insightsOffers a glimpse into the history of Sin City, akin to world-class museums

Sports and Events

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Las Vegas is known for its vibrant atmosphere and non-stop entertainment options, and March is no exception. This time of the year provides endless options for sports, events, concerts, and shows that will cater to every visitor’s taste in entertainment.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: One of the major attractions during this month is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, commonly known as March Madness. Sports fans flock to the city to watch their favorite college basketball teams compete for the championship, and various venues host viewing parties with giant screens, food, and drink specials.

Professional Sports: Aside from March Madness, Las Vegas offers a variety of events for sports enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. Visitors can attend professional sporting events like:

  • NHL games at T-Mobile Arena
  • Catch an action-packed UFC fight

Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival: For those looking for family-friendly activities, the city hosts events like the Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival, where participants can experience the magic of thousands of lanterns floating on water and enjoy the beautiful soft lights reflected throughout the evening.

Music Venues: In addition to sports, Las Vegas is renowned for its world-class shows and concerts. Music lovers can choose from a multitude of venues, including popular residencies on:

  • Colosseum at Caesars Palace
  • Park Theater

Theater and Comedy: Alternatively, concertgoers can attend performances by famous artists or discover up-and-coming talent at one of the many smaller venues throughout the city. Similarly, various theater productions and comedy shows cater to visitors looking for a different type of entertainment.

Cultural Celebrations: Capping off the Las Vegas experience in March is the city’s celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Visitors can enjoy festive events, such as parades, themed parties, and traditional Irish food and drinks at various locations throughout the city.

Nightlife in Vegas

Las Vegas, known for its vibrant nightlife, offers various options for those seeking entertainment. The iconic Las Vegas Strip boasts neon lights and bustling crowds, creating a lively atmosphere to explore.

Popular Venues and Events

Golden Tiki

One of the popular destinations for nightlife in Vegas is the Golden Tiki, where you can enjoy a tropical ambiance and indulge in delicious tiki drinks.

Tap sports bar

For an unforgettable experience, be sure to check out the Tap Sports Bar at MGM Grand Las Vegas, as it hosts various live sporting events and serves a range of classic bar foods and drinks.

The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails

If you prefer a more intimate and relaxing setting, consider visiting some of the best Las Vegas lounges in the Cosmopolitan, such as The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails. Here, you can enjoy a traditional barbershop experience while sipping on your favorite cocktail.

Good To Know: Las Vegas Club events in March 2023 include day clubs and pool parties, attracting many visitors for March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day.

For those who enjoy dance music and live entertainment, the biggest nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip are a must-visit. With top DJs, rappers, and singers performing until the early hours, you’ll never run out of excitement in this city that never sleeps. Just remember that the main acts usually perform around 1 or 2 a.m.

Family-Friendly Options in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is not just for adults; there are plenty of family-friendly options for you to enjoy during your vacation.

Family-friendly Activities

Go City

For starters, consider Go City for an all-inclusive pass to many attractions, making it a cost-effective choice for families.

Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

Another popular destination for families is Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, where kids can enjoy the Adventuredome, an indoor amusement park with various rides and games. Additionally, there are free circus acts every day, such as:

  • Acrobats
  • Trapeze artists
  • Clowns

Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas

If your family loves water parks, then you’ll appreciate Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas. With options for all age groups, such as Kiddie Cove for the little ones, Paradise Falls for families with a lazy river, a wave pool, kid-friendly slides, and thrill slides for older kids and adults, everyone will have a great time.

Red rock canyon

For outdoor enthusiasts, Red Rock Canyon is a must-visit. Located just west of the Las Vegas Strip, the 13-mile scenic loop offers picturesque views, hiking, and rock climbing for the whole family.

High Roller Observation Wheel

Don’t forget about the High Roller Observation Wheel at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Enjoy stunning 360-degree views of the city as you soar high into the sky.

family restaurants

Lastly, there’s no shortage of family restaurants, such as Black Bear Diner and Carmine’s, offering delicious food in a comfortable atmosphere.

Shopping Options

In Las Vegas, visitors can find everything from high-end luxury stores to quirky souvenir shops, all bathed in the city’s unmistakable neon lights.

KinVibes Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to watch for seasonal sales when prices on your favorite items might drop significantly.

The Forum Shops at Caesars: This place is a must-visit for anyone seeking a unique shopping experience. The Forum Shops at Caesars is a Roman-inspired architecture; the complex houses popular designer brands, fine dining options, and even an aquarium. Strolling through the beautiful corridors feels like taking a step back in time.

Las Vegas Premium Outlets: For those looking for great deals, Las Vegas Premium Outlets are ideal. With more than 150 retailers offering discounts on top brands, it’s easy to spend an entire day exploring the vast array of shops.

Town Square Las Vegas: Another popular shopping destination is the fashionable Town Square Las Vegas. Featuring over 120 stores, this outdoor mall has a little something for everyone. In addition to a great selection of shops, Town Square also boasts a movie theater and a diverse range of restaurants, making it an excellent stop for a day of fun and relaxation.

Fremont Street Experience: Of course, a visit to Vegas wouldn’t be complete without experiencing its iconic neon lights. The Fremont Street Experience combines shopping, entertainment, and nightlife in a dazzling, open-air pedestrian mall. Here, you can buy souvenirs, grab a bite to eat, or simply enjoy the mesmerizing light shows that bring the street to life every night.

Sightseeing Tours in Las Vegas

View on the replica of Eiffel Tower at Paris Hotel & Casino.

Let’s not forget that Las Vegas offers a variety of sightseeing tours for visitors looking to explore the city and its surrounding attractions in March. With a casual atmosphere, tourists can enjoy a memorable experience without any pretentious vibes.

Iconic Tours and Sightseeing Experiences


One of the most popular tours is the trip to the Grand Canyon. These excursions often include visiting the monumental Hoover Dam, making it a perfect opportunity for visitors to witness two iconic landmarks during their stay. What’s included in the tour?

  • Full-day tour with transportation and lunch
  • Half-day tours

Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is another must-see for visitors, and there are numerous ways to explore it. Hop on a Big Bus Night Tour to fully appreciate the bright lights and fascinating architecture of the city at night. Some options even include VIP transportation and a luxurious helicopter ride for a bird’s eye view of the lively strip.

Walking Tours

For those seeking a more leisurely experience, consider a guided walking tour that highlights the cultural and historical aspects of Las Vegas. By strolling down the famous streets, visitors get a chance to uncover hidden gems and stories that make the city unique.

private tours

Lastly, there are custom and private tours available for individuals or groups that prefer a more personalized approach to sightseeing. Whether it’s exploring the majestic landscapes surrounding the city or understanding the local history, each tour is tailored to fit the interests and preferences of the participants.

Other side tours

Planning a visit to Key West or a drive through the Willow City Loop in early March offers a unique experience just as exploring Glacier National Park or Arches National Park would before the spring crowds arrive. Meanwhile, you can also visit Gulf Shores.

With this guide, you can discover the best places to visit in Las Vegas, USA, during March, which promises a blend of beach relaxation and desert adventure!

Outdoor Activities

Pool Diving

Las Vegas is famous for its luxurious resort pools, and many offer diving options for those looking to make a splash.

Visitors can take advantage of the pleasant March weather, with average temperatures ranging from 58°F to 76°F, to enjoy a refreshing dip.

Not only do these pools provide a great place to relax and unwind, but they also offer some exciting diving opportunities. Be sure to check with individual resorts, city parks, and hotels for specific pool facilities and diving options.


Nature enthusiasts visiting Las Vegas have multiple hiking trails to choose from, thanks to the city’s proximity to stunning natural landscapes. Among the popular places to visit and explore are Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, which offer breathtaking views and unique geological formations.

Preparation for the Trip

Before embarking on a journey to Las Vegas in March, it’s essential to consider a few factors for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Among these factors are choosing the right date, appropriate attire, and sticking to a budget plan.

1. Choosing the Right Date

March is ideal for visiting Las Vegas because the weather is typically mild, with average temperatures around 57°F.

To maximize the experience, visitors can select dates during high season, between March and May, when the city experiences better weather and numerous events.

2. Appropriate Attire

When it comes to dressing for a vacation in Las Vegas, staying comfortable is key. With average high temperatures and variations during March, it’s wise to pack both light and slightly heavier clothing.

Ensure to include some warm layers for nighttime and lighter outfits for daytime excursions. Comfortable shoes are also crucial for easily exploring attractions and walking along the famous Las Vegas Strip.

3. Creating a Budget Plan

Budgeting is crucial for a successful trip to Las Vegas. Reducing travel time to different locations means more opportunities to experience the best Las Vegas has to offer. Additionally, considering allocating specific amounts for activities such as gambling, shopping, and dining will aid in keeping finances on track.

KinVibes Pro-Tip: One way to stay within budget is by selecting a hotel located close to the majority of shows, attractions, and other resorts desired to visit, as this can save both time and transportation expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top family-friendly activities in Las Vegas in March?

Some popular family activities in Las Vegas include exploring the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, visiting the Adventuredome Theme Park at Circus Circus, and enjoying interactive exhibits at the Discovery Children’s Museum.

What makes March a popular time to visit Las Vegas?

March is a great time to visit Las Vegas due to its pleasant weather with average temperatures around 57°F and 10 hours of sunshine per day. Additionally, the city hosts various events such as concerts from famous musicians and college basketball playoffs known as “March Madness.”

Which are the budget-friendly destinations near Las Vegas in March?

Several budget-friendly destinations in Las Vegas include hiking in Red Rock Canyon, exploring the Hoover Dam, and visiting the quirky town of Boulder City. Additionally, consider visiting the nearby Valley of Fire State Park for breathtaking views of unique rock formations.

How does the weather in Las Vegas compare in March vs April?

While both March and April have pleasant weather in Las Vegas, April tends to be slightly warmer, with temperatures increasing. According to TripSavvy, the best time to visit Las Vegas is from late April to mid-May, as the pools are open and the spring break crowds have left the city.

What are the must-see attractions in Las Vegas in March?

Must-see attractions in Las Vegas in March include the iconic casinos and hotels on the Strip, attending top-tier concerts and performances, and taking part in the March Madness events. Cultural landmarks, such as the Neon Museum, Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, and the Mob Museum, are also a must-visit in March.

Where can I find warm weather in the USA during March?

Aside from Las Vegas, other destinations in the USA with warm weather in March include cities in the Southern states, like Miami, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Charleston, South Carolina. Southern parts of California and Arizona also have pleasant warm temperatures in March.


Visiting Las Vegas in March proves to be an excellent choice for travelers seeking a great time in the USA. With average temperatures around 57°F, the weather is just right for exploring the city and its numerous attractions. As we’ve learned, this period is bustling with activities and events, including motorsport events like NASCAR races, alongside classic attractions such as the Bellagio Fountains and the Fremont Street Experience.

Ultimately, March is a fantastic time to explore the vibrant and unforgettable city of Las Vegas in the USA. So, pack your bags, set your sights on the horizon, and make your next travel story one filled with the unforgettable adventures that only Vegas can provide!

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