Family Movies

Let’s get into family movies and reviews tailored for you and your little ones enjoyment. Discover your next favorite movie, and spark meaningful family discussions.

Family watching TV.

Blended Family Movies: Top Picks for Family Movie Night

Krystal DeVille

Blended family movies and TV shows beautifully show the modern merging of lives and relationships. Whether it’s a dad stepping ...

family of four enjoying watching movie with pop corn in hand.

Terrible Parents in TV Shows: When Family Life Goes Wrong

Krystal DeVille

TV shows have been a staple of entertainment for decades, and we can relate to a ton of the characters ...

Women’s History Month Movies.

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Inspirational Movies

Krystal DeVille

Women’s History Month shines a spotlight on the achievements and stories of women throughout history. These Inspirational movies portray women’s ...

father and daughter outdoors.

Modern Cinema’s Portrayal of Parents: A Brief Analysis

Krystal DeVille

Modern cinema has shaped our perception of the world around us. It is a reflection of society’s values, beliefs, and ...

Far and Away (1992) Tom Crez and Nicole Kidman.

St. Paddy’s Flick Picks: Best St. Patrick’s Day Movies to Bring Out Your Inner Irish!

Krystal DeVille

St. Patrick’s Day, a global celebration of Irish culture, is best known for its vibrant parades, green attire, and festive ...

Movie Marathon Ideas.

Movie Marathon Ideas: Fun Themes for Your Next Movie Night

Krystal DeVille

Are you ready for an epic movie night journey that takes you from the daring escapades? Whether you’re a fan ...

Family with toddlers watching TV.

Toddler Shows: Fun and Educational for Your Little Ones

Krystal DeVille

Toddler TV shows are a delightful blend of fun and education that awaits our youngest viewers. These shows are gateways ...

Mother and toddlers watching movie on iPad.

Movies for Toddlers: Fun and Educational Films for Your Little Ones

Krystal DeVille

Movies can be a great way to keep toddlers entertained while also providing them with educational content. However, not all ...

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Group Shot (1986).

Teen Movies Parents Can Enjoy Too: A Cross-Generational Film Guide

Krystal DeVille

Teen movies have been a staple in Hollywood for decades, with coming-of-age stories, high school dramas, and romantic comedies dominating ...

The movie Wonder (2017).

Get Smart: Top Educational Movies for Kids to Watch

Krystal DeVille

One of the best approaches for young people to learn while having fun is by watching educational movies. These movies ...

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