Best Beaches to Visit in March USA: Top Picks for a Sun-Soaked Getaway

Krystal DeVille

Family walking along a beach in March.

As winter fades, March becomes perfect for a beach trip in the USA. This month, you can enjoy the sun’s warmth with fewer people around. You have choices from Florida’s calm beaches to Hawaii’s exciting coasts. March is great for a peaceful escape or a fun family outing. Also, March brings mild weather, many local events, and natural wonders.

Continue reading this article, and let March’s sunny beaches in the USA tempt you. Start planning the beach getaway you’ve dreamed about!

Understanding March Weather in the USA

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March in the USA is quite diverse when it comes to weather. As winter finally starts to transition into spring, temperatures begin to rise, bringing an influx of sunny and bright days. However, it’s important to remember that March might still have its fair share of overcast skies and light showers.

March Weather Patterns Across the USA

Beautiful beach in March.

In March, expect mild temperatures and sunny days. These conditions are ideal for beach combing and swimming. Or, you might just bask in the sun. Nonetheless, your choice of destination may offer a mix of local cultures. You can also enjoy springtime festivities and natural beauty, too.

So, whether you’re looking to indulge in a relaxing retreat, a family-friendly vacation, or an exciting escapade, your dream beach experience awaits you in the USA this March.

In some parts of the country, March is characterized by hot and dry weather. While in other areas, it’s still a bit rainy and cool.

Warm Temperatures

The Southern states, like Florida and California, typically experience warmer temperatures. It can reach daily highs reaching up to the 70s and 80s (Fahrenheit). Meanwhile, the water temperature at these destinations is also typically welcoming, ranging from 24° to 26°. This makes it an ideal time for beachgoers to enjoy swimming and other water activities.


On the other hand, some Northern states may still see cooler-than-average temperatures and potential rainfalls in March. Don’t be surprised if you run into some light showers, especially on the East Coast and Pacific Northwest regions.

Exploring the US Beaches in March

March is a fantastic time to visit some of the best beaches in the United States. That is why travelers can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and exploring white sand beaches during this time of the year.

Jupiter, Florida

One of the top beach destinations in March is Jupiter, Florida. Known for its stunning shoreline, visitors can explore:

  • Juno Beach Pier
  • Loggerhead Marinelife Center
  • Jupiter Inlet Light

The average temperature of Key West Jupiter in March ranges from a high of 79 degrees to a low of 61 degrees. Overall, that’s a perfect temperature for sunbathing and enjoying the outdoors.

Palm Springs, California

Another excellent option for a March beach getaway is Palm Springs, California. Palm Springs is known for its mid-century modern architecture, trendy shopping areas, and vibrant cultural scene.

This city offers a unique combination of warm temperatures and beautiful landscapes. This makes it a great choice for those looking to enjoy some of America’s hottest spots in a more relaxed setting.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii in March.

Maui is the place to be if travelers are looking for an island retreat. The temperatures in March are ideal, ranging in the high 70s and low 80s. This makes it a perfect time to explore the tropical paradise. Maui offers lush landscapes and pristine beaches. Additionally, visitors can also experience awe-inspiring sunsets.

Visiting Destin, Florida In March

Destin beach.
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Destin, Florida, is a fantastic destination for a beach getaway in March. The weather at this time of year is simply delightful, with average temperatures in the mid-70s, offering sun-kissed days and breezy nights.

No wonder, Destin, Florida makes it the perfect environment to enjoy long days on the beach or take part in outdoor activities without the intense heat and humidity of summer or the chilly air of winter.

Accommodation Options: When it comes to accommodations, Destin offers a wide variety of options to suit every budget and preference. Visitors can ensure a comfortable stay for all types of travelers since there are plenty of options like:

  • Luxurious beachfront hotels
  • Cozy vacation rentals
  • Charming bed and breakfasts

Thanks to the pleasant weather, guests can spend more time outside enjoying the beach and beautiful surroundings.

Beach and Water Activities: The beaches in Destin are known for their sugar-white sand and crystal-clear waters, making them ideal for swimming and relaxing under the warm sun. Water sports enthusiasts won’t be disappointed, as there are plenty of activities to choose from, including:

  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Jet skiing

Furthermore, the average gulf water temperature in March is around 66 degrees, making it an inviting environment for exploring marine life and coral reefs beneath the surface.

Local Attractions and Dining: Besides beach-based activities, visitors can explore the nearby coastal towns and take advantage of the fantastic local dining options. Enjoying a fresh seafood dinner at one of Destin’s waterfront restaurants is a must for any vacationer. There is never a dull moment during a Destin beach vacation since tourists and visitors can enjoy:

  • Various shopping centers
  • Art galleries
  • Entertainment options

March in San Diego, California

March in San Diego, California.

In addition to Florida, San Diego, located in sunny Southern California, is one of the fantastic destinations to visit during March. With its pleasant weather and wide range of activities, this coastal city promises a fulfilling vacation for beach lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Weather and Beach Attractions: Whether you want to indulge in water sports or simply relax on the beach, San Diego has got you covered. The city offers fantastic opportunities for surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, making it a haven for water enthusiasts.

Mission Beach, one of the popular tourist destinations, features plenty of water-based activities and a lively boardwalk perfect for soaking up the Californian sun.

Outdoor Adventures: San Diego is a state park with numerous hiking trails that cater to different difficulty levels and showcase the city’s diverse landscapes. Take a break from the beach and embark on scenic hikes in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve or the picturesque Cabrillo National Monument.

Museums and Historical Sites: San Diego truly shines in the area of arts and culture, with its numerous museums and historic sites highlighting the city’s rich history. Here are just a few examples of the attractions available for history buffs:

  • USS Midway Museum
  • Maritime Museum of San Diego
  • San Diego Air & Space Museum

Craft Beer Experience: As if that weren’t enough, San Diego is also famous for its thriving craft beer scene. Known for having more than 150 active breweries, the city has become a hotspot for beer enthusiasts. Some must-visit breweries include Stone Brewing, Ballast Point, and AleSmith Brewing Company.

KinVibes Pro-Tip: To make the most of your brewery experience, take a brewery tour or explore the city’s many taprooms and bars to sample delicious locally-produced beers.

Spring Break in MIAMI, South Beach

Ah, South Beach! It’s the perfect spot to welcome March as the weather starts getting warmer. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and stunning beaches, South Beach is a popular destination for spring breakers, families, and solo travelers alike.

What to expect in South Beach?

During spring break, South Beach comes alive with a contagious energy, offering plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Beach Leisure

The pristine sandy beaches invite sunbathers, while the clear blue waters are perfect for swimming. Visitors usually can’t help but dive in and indulge in some fun under the sun.

Coastal Enjoyment

For those who crave a more thrilling experience, South Beach boasts a plethora of water sports like jet skiing. Guided tours or rentals are available, allowing visitors to glide across the water at high speeds, taking in the coastal views and making the most of their time in this beautiful destination.

Urban Exploration

But South Beach isn’t just about the breathtaking beaches. The lively streets and Art Deco architecture make strolling through the neighborhood a worthwhile adventure of its own. With live entertainment and plenty of restaurants, cafes, and shops to choose from, there’s never a dull moment while exploring the area!

Relishing March in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah, Georgia, is a blend of history, art, and museums, along with beautiful beaches that create a truly relaxing vacation.

Historical Exploration: One can immerse themselves in Savannah’s historical charm by exploring the city’s numerous museums.

  • Telfair Museums – an art destination consisting of several galleries spread across various locations, would be a great way to start.
  • Savannah History Museum – another popular cultural attraction to visit that showcases the city’s rich history.

Cultural Celebrations: Savannah also offers stunning natural landscapes and park spaces for those who love the outdoors.

For example, Forsyth Park provides the perfect setting for a stroll, picnic, or even attending the weekly Forsyth Farmers Market that takes place every Saturday.

In early March, visitors can also witness the Greening of the Fountain, a unique event where the park’s fountain gets dyed green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Beachside Relaxation: Besides its rich culture and natural beauty, Savannah boasts proximity to several captivating beaches.

  • Tybee Island – A popular choice. Offering pristine sands, calming ocean waves, and opportunities for beachgoers to unwind.
  • Burkes Beach on Hilton Head Island – Around an hour’s drive from Savannah, vacationers may also explore this island renowned for its powdery-white sand, making it perfect for families.

Experiencing Maui, Hawaii In March

Family at beach.
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Let’s not overlook Maui, Hawaii where the climate is delightfully warm, and the island teems with activity, particularly in its vibrant marine life.

Family-Friendly Beaches

Puunoa Beach, also known as Baby Beach – This beach is an ideal vacation spot for families with young kids. The calm, gentle waters at this beach allow children to play in the waves without any worry, making it a fun and safe experience for the entire family.

Ho’okipa Beach – Visitors are also welcome to explore this spot renowned for its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking allure.

Marine Adventures

Visitors can enjoy various activities like snorkeling and scuba diving, which are at their best during this time. Several beautiful beaches can be explored in March, with each offering its own unique charm and experiences.

Peak Whale Watching Season

When it comes to watching the majestic humpback whales, visitors should not miss out on going on whale-watching excursions. These whales can typically be sighted in Maui’s waters during their migration from the Alaskan seas, making it an excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with these awe-inspiring creatures.

KinVibes Pro-Tip: If you’re looking forward to whale season, Humpback whales can be spotted in large numbers during this month, making it the peak season for whale watching!

Cultural Festivals and Natural Beauty

In addition to the marine activities, March in Maui also offers exciting cultural festivals, breathtaking hiking trails, and ample opportunities for beach lounging. Taking advantage of these unique offerings will allow tourists to experience the best of what Maui offers during this spectacular time of the year.

Below is a summarized table offering several March vacation ideas to help you choose your best beach vacation as your next perfect March destination.

Beach LocationStateBeach Rating (1-5 Stars)Good for KidsGood for AdultsMarch Vacation IdeasRelaxing Getaway Events
JupiterFlorida★★★★☆YesYesPerfect March destination for a beach vacation: whale watching, sea kayaking
Palm SpringsCalifornia★★★☆☆LimitedYesWarm March temperatures; scenic route to Saguaro National Park, great for biking trails
MauiHawaii★★★★★YesYesMarch vacation ideas with cross-country skiing nearby and scenic biking trailsPeak whale watching season
DestinFlorida★★★★☆YesYesFamily-friendly beaches with horseback riding options, close to barrier islandsNearby coastal towns, seafood dining
San DiegoCalifornia★★★★☆YesYesEarly spring beach vacation hotspot within walking distance of urban attractionsCraft beer tours
South BeachFlorida★★★☆☆YesYesGeorgia located; historical tours, proximity to Tybee Island for early spring beach outings.Spring break festivities
SavannahGeorgia★★★☆☆YesYesGeorgia located; historical tours, proximity to Tybee Island for early spring beach outingsGreening of the Fountain for St. Patrick’s Day
Tybee IslandGeorgia★★★★☆YesYesSouth Carolina’s scenic beach retreat is perfect for horseback riding along the coast.
Hilton Head IslandSouth Carolina★★★★☆YesYesSouth Carolina’s scenic beach retreat perfect for horseback riding along the coast.Hilton Head Wine & Food Festival

Exploring Other March Activities In The USA

While beaches are an excellent choice for a March vacation, the USA offers a ton of alternative activities for those seeking adventure or relaxation.

Skiing in Colorado

For instance, skiing enthusiasts can head to the slopes of Colorado, known for its world-class ski resorts and stunning mountain vistas. The snow conditions in late March are typically ideal, with a hefty snowpack and milder temperatures compared to the early ski season. This makes it the perfect time to carve through fresh powder while enjoying the breathtaking surroundings.

National Parks

For nature lovers, visiting national parks in Utah is highly recommended during March. Two popular destinations both offering unique geological formations and picturesque desert landscapes are:

  • Arches National Park – visitors can hike among the park’s famed sandstone arches.
  • Canyonlands National Park – provides a rugged terrain ideal for hiking, mountain biking, and even stargazing.


Hiking enthusiasts can hit the trails, discovering hidden canyons, majestic overlooks, hot springs, and serene natural beauty. With so many opportunities for adventure, these national parks are a must-visit destination for anyone looking to connect with the outdoors and experience the magnificence of the American Southwest.

Best International Beaches to Visit in March

When it comes to international beach destinations in March, there are plenty of options available to satisfy any traveler’s taste. From the warm waters of the Caribbean to the stunning coastlines of Australia, there is something for everyone.

Top International Beach Spots

Mexico’s Coastal

Mexico boasts an array of beautiful beaches that are perfect for a March getaway.

  • Riviera Maya – features crystal clear turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and a vibrant nightlife scene.
  • Cabo San Lucas – offers scenic views of the famous Arch and a variety of water sports like snorkeling and jet skiing.

Caribbean Island

The Caribbean islands also boast some of the best beach destinations for March. Visitors can enjoy long sunny days on the beach, exploring coral reefs, or participating in various water activities like kiteboarding and stand-up paddleboarding.

  • Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Turks and Caicos

North American Shores

In North America, San Francisco may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about beach destinations, but its coastline offers breathtaking views and unique experiences.

  • Baker Beach – located near the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, provides a picturesque spot for sunbathing and picnicking.
  • Muir Beach – offers tide pools and amazing coastal hiking trails.

Australian Beach

On the other side of the world, Australia delivers stunning beach locations for March vacations.

  • Bondi Beach – this is Sydney’s famous beach, which attracts visitors with its golden sands, reliable surf, and coastal walks.
  • Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands – allows beach enthusiasts to snorkel or scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef while enjoying the mild weather and warm water.

European Island

For those looking to venture to Europe in March, the Canary Islands are a fantastic option. Europe is also known for its volcanic landscapes and year-round warm temperatures.

  • Playa de Las Teresitas in Tenerife – excellent choices for a diverse and enjoyable beach experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find warm beaches in the US in March?

One of the popular warm beaches in the US during the March season is Jupiter, Florida, which offers beautiful sandy shores and pleasant temperatures. Other choices include destinations in California, Texas, and Hawaii.

Which US beaches are ideal for a March vacation?

If you’re looking for an ideal March vacation, consider visiting beaches with mild temperatures and fewer crowds. Bahia Honda State Park in Florida and Hanalei Beach in Kauai, Hawaii, are often cited as top beach destinations in March.

What are some top US beach destinations in March?

Some top beach destinations in the US for a March vacation include the picturesque Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve and Fredericksburg, Texas, known for its warm weather and German culture. Of course, the beautiful beaches in Hawaii and Florida should not be overlooked.

Where can I swim in warm water at a US beach in March?

Florida’s coastline offers warmer water temperatures, while the southern Californian coastline can also provide sun and mild water temperatures. Hawaiian beaches like Hanalei Beach offer warmer, more inviting waters for those looking to swim in March.

What US beaches have good weather in March?

Destinations like Jupiter, Florida, offer comfortable temperatures, while California and Hawaiian beaches also provide a combination of sunshine and warmth.

Any romantic US beach getaways for couples in March?

Couples seeking a romantic beach getaway in March can consider visiting places like Hanalei Beach in Kauai, Hawaii, for a peaceful retreat surrounded by stunning views. Meanwhile, couples can also plan on visiting the dramatic desert of Big Bend National Park or the blooming trails of Willow City Loop.


Overall, March is an exceptional time to explore the diverse and inviting beach destinations across the United States. From the sun-kissed shores of Jupiter, Florida, to the chic retreats of Palm Springs, California, travelers can revel in the mild weather and serene ambiance.

Let’s not also forget about the scenic beaches of Tybee Island, Georgia, and the vibrant culture of San Juan, Puerto Rico, offering island escapes for every taste, blending leisure and adventure seamlessly. Moreover, the added allure of local festivities, such as Hilton Head’s Wine & Food Festival, enriches the experience.

So, when planning your beach vacation in March, be sure to consider both the East and West Coasts of the USA, as well as island destinations. The variety of experiences available ensures a perfect beach getaway for everyone!

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