Does It Snow in March in New York? Here’s What You Need To Know

March in New York marks a period of transition, where the remains of cold winter linger while hints of spring bloom. Although snow is less frequent, the city may still witness occasional flurries, adding to the season’s charm.

But what exactly can one expect from New York weather in the first week of March? Is the average snowfall still significant, or does the snow give way to spring showers?

Understanding New York's Climate

While snowstorm in March is not uncommon, it is not as severe as the snowfall experienced in the winter months. Understanding New York’s climate and historical snowfall patterns in March can help you prepare for your visit to the city.

General Climate Characteristics

The state is in the northeastern United States and part of the continental climate zone. This means New York experiences hot summers and cold winters, with moderate temperatures during spring and fall.


The Atlantic Ocean moderates New York’s climate, resulting in high humidity and temperate conditions. Annually, the state receives an average of 42 inches of rain and 40 inches of snowfall.


New York’s climate is also influenced by its location in the eastern United States. In this case, the state experiences more extreme weather events. Residents can encounter hurricanes, and tornadoes. 


March Weather in New York

March is a tricky month for weather in New York. While it is considered the start of spring, average wind speed can still be quite cold, and snow is not out of the question.

Does It Snow in March in New York? Here’s What You Need To Know

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