We’ve all heard the saying about kids “They grow up so fast!” But what happens when they’ve grown up, and the dynamics of your relationship need some tweaking?

That’s where setting boundaries with adult children comes into play.

Boundaries set limits are the foundation of healthy relationships. They’re not just about setting limits; they’re about understanding and respecting individual needs, values, and feelings.

The Challenges Of Setting Boundaries With Grown Children

.Setting healthy boundaries and boundaries with adult children can be akin to navigating a maze. You know there’s a way through, but it’s filled with twists, turns, and occasional dead ends. Here’s why it’s challenging:

History of Caregiving:

Parents have spent years in a caregiving role. Transitioning from this role, where decisions were often made for the child, to one where the adult child is autonomous can be jarring.

Fear of Alienation:

Many parents fear that setting boundaries might push their adult children away. The thought of causing a rift or creating distance can be paralyzing.

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