Iconic Movie Moms and Dads: Highlights From the Big Screen

Iconic movie moms and dads have been a staple in Hollywood for decades.

From the loving and nurturing to the strict and overbearing, these parental figures have captured the hearts of audiences around the world.

Over the years, the portrayal of movie parents has evolved to reflect the changing times and societal norms.

Highlights From the Big Screen

Iconic Movie Moms

One of the most iconic drama moms is Leigh Anne Tuohy, played by Sandra Bullock in “The Blind Side.” This is where Tuohy takes in a homeless young boy and helps him become a successful football player.

Drama Moms

In the comedy genre, one of the most notorious moms is Beverly Sutphin, played by Kathleen Turner in “Serial Mom.” Beverly is a seemingly perfect mom who has a dark secret – she’s a serial killer.

Comedy Moms

In “The Incredibles,” Helen Parr, aka Elastigirl, is a superhero mom who must balance her duties as a crimefighter with her responsibilities as a mother. 

Animated Moms

Highlights From the Big Screen

Iconic Movie Dads

In “The American President,” the character President Andrew Shepherd is depicted as a devoted and loving father to his young daughter, and their father-daughter relationship plays a significant role in the story.

Drama Dads

In “Throw Momma from the Train,” Danny DeVito’s character may not have been the best father, but he certainly provided plenty of laughs.

Comedy Dads

Bob’s Burgers features Bob Belcher, a loving and dedicated father who will do anything for his family. 

Animated Dads

Iconic Movie Moms and Dads: Highlights From the Big Screen

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