Lisbon Weather March: What to Expect for Your Spring Visit

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Lisbon Weather March.

March in Lisbon gives visitors a blend of mild weather, making it an ideal time for those looking to experience the city without the peak tourist crowds. You can typically expect daytime temperatures to be warm enough for light jackets or sweaters, while the nights might require something a bit more substantial.

In March 2024, we provide you with valuable information on Lisbon’s temperature trends, precipitation forecasts, and helpful packing advice.

Overview of Lisbon Weather in March

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March in Lisbon welcomes the early blush of spring with moderately warm days and cooler nights. They generally experience average daytime temperatures around 18°C (64°F), while nighttime temperatures can cool down to about 10°C (50°F). The city basks in the springtime warmth, making it pleasant for tourists and locals alike in Portugal.

During March, Lisbon’s weather isn’t just statistics; it’s the soft touch of a mild climate inviting people to witness the bloom of city gardens.

One can expect approximately 7 hours of sunshine each day, offering ample time to explore the bustling streets and seaside promenades. Rainfall is still a consideration, with the month of March seeing an average of eight days of precipitation, according to the weather forecast.

Here’s a quick rundown of the typical weather data patterns:

Weather PatternsDetails
Average High Temperature19°C (66°F)
Average Low Temperature11°C (52°F)
SunshineAround 7 hours daily
RainfallAn average of 8 days in the month
Temperature in MarchGenerally ranges from a low of 10°C to a high of 19°C
Average Sea TemperatureWater temperature can influence the overall temperature in Lisbon
Average RainfallReflects the noted 8 days of precipitation
Monthly WeatherMarch 2024 brings the expected spring conditions
Daylight Saving TimeTypically affects daylight hours in March

The statistical data support a fairly predictable pattern of weather that has tourists packing their sunglasses as well as a light jacket for the cooler evenings, keeping in mind the rainfall in March and the high and low temperatures for a comfortable visit.

Temperature Details

In March, Lisbon’s weather is moderately cool with temperature variations that cater to the early spring climate. It’s important to prepare for a range of temperatures throughout the day, reflecting the daily average that is typical for Lisbon throughout this time of year to visit.

According to weather reports and weather averages, mornings can start off overcast with gradual clearing expected by the afternoon.

Daily Highs and Lows

Why Lisbon in March
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On average, daily highs in Lisbon for March typically rest in the lower 60s°F (around 17°C), signaling the onset of spring with a March average high that is comfortably around 21°C. Lows at night, however, can dip down to the lower 50s°F (near 10°C), as indicated by average monthly and hourly weather conditions data.

Visitors should be ready for a noticeable drop in temperature as the sun sets, a common characteristic of the day of the year in Lisbon’s spring. The humidity levels also affect how these temperatures feel, adding a chill in the early morning and late evening.

  • Average High: 63°F (17°C)
  • Average Low: 52°F (11°C)

Evening Temperatures

As evening approaches, temperatures generally cool down, creating a pleasant atmosphere ideal for light jackets or sweaters. Evening temperatures can average in the mid 50s°F (around 13°C), according to the average evening temperature data.

This drop in temperature makes evenings in Lisbon feel fresh, yet not too cold, perfect for leisurely explorations of the city at night, capturing the essence of spring in Lisbon for March.

  • Average Evening Temperature: 55°F (13°C)

Precipitation Patterns

In March, Lisbon experiences moderate rainfall, setting the scene for a refreshingly moist early spring. Data suggests that while rain is not incessant, it’s a good idea to be prepared for wet weather.

Rainfall Amounts

Throughout March, Lisbon generally sees a cumulative rainfall averaging around 0.092 inches per day when it does rain. This implies that on days with precipitation, one might expect light rain that may not heavily disrupt outdoor activities.

Number of Rainy Days

Lisbon doesn’t typically face an onslaught of continuous rainy days in March. Statistically speaking, there is about a 25% chance of rain on any given day. With these odds, tourists and locals alike can enjoy many days with clear skies or minimal cloudiness.

Sunlight and Daylight Hours

In March, Lisbon experiences a gradual increase in daylight hours. This change is a clear indicator of the transition from winter to spring.

Sunrise: Typically begins around 7:17 am at the start of the month

Sunset: Occurs at approximately 6:21 pm

Throughout March, residents and visitors enjoy an increment in daytime length. By the end of the month, the day extends, with the sun rising at about 7:46 am and setting around 7:52 pm. This increase results in more time to explore Lisbon’s charming streets or relax by the Tagus River.

Here’s a quick overview of Lisbon’s daylight changes in March:

  • Civil Twilight starts as early as 6:45 am and ends as late as 7:53 pm.
  • Daylight spans from roughly around 7:46 am to 5:52 pm, at the beginning of March.

March brings a significant growth in sunshine hours, complementing the city’s mild spring weather. On average, Lisbon welcomes about 10 hours of daylight, providing ample sunlight for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

The light and warmth not only enhance the city’s natural beauty but also have a positive impact on the mood of its inhabitants and tourists alike. As March progresses, the extended daylight hours promise longer afternoons under Lisbon’s typically clear skies.

What to Pack

When visiting Lisbon in March, travelers should be prepared for a range of temperatures and occasional rain.

KinVibes Pro-Tip: It’s important to pack layers to accommodate the fluctuating weather. This can be seen as a perfect time to experience the city’s unique blend of touristic charm and year to year weather variability.

Additionally, the sun’s rays can be surprisingly strong, even in early spring, making sunglasses a must-have for your trip.

Clothing Tips


For the daytime, one might consider light layers such as T-shirts and long-sleeve tops, with the addition of a sweater or cardigan for versatility as temperatures average highs of 18°C (64.4°F).

This is especially relevant as you explore Lisbon’s vibrant streets and witness the reconstruction efforts that make the city one of the most significant cultural hubs along the Atlantic coast.

Night time

Once the sun sets, it can get cooler, so a traveler should pack a warm jacket or coat. Comfortable jeans or trousers are advisable for the evenings when temperatures average lows of 10°C (50°F). These evenings offer a serene experience of Lisbon’s nightlife, whether you’re dining outside a quaint guesthouse or strolling along the illuminated pathways.

Accessories Considerations

  • Footwear: Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers are a must for exploring the city, as you’ll likely encounter a mix of weather conditions, from sunny days to rainfall days.
  • Rain Gear: Don’t forget to pack a scarf and an umbrella for unexpected showers.
  • Sunglasses are also useful for sunnier days when the weather is pleasant and warm.

Activities and Events

Outdoor Activities

scenic race

many runners to race to the finish line of the marathon lisbon activities.
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The Lisbon Half Marathon becomes a focal point for runners and spectators alike in March. This scenic race offers participants the opportunity to run along the Tagus River, with the mild temperatures supporting peak performance and enjoyment.

Exploring the city

For those who prefer a slower pace, explore the city by foot or tram, taking advantage of the over 140 hours of sunshine typically gracing Lisbon this month.

Cultural Events

As for cultural pursuits, Lisbon’s museums beckon with their treasures. Without the overwhelming rush of summer tourists, visitors can peruse the collections in relative peace.

Though specific events change annually, one can invariably find exhibitions and special programs that highlight both Portugal’s rich history and contemporary culture.

Accommodation and Dining

Family On Vacation. Happy Couple Arrived To Hotel Room With View Of Blue Sky for travel accommodation.
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March is a sweet spot for travelers looking to enjoy Lisbon’s offerings in accommodations and dining without the peak-season prices. Visitors will find a range of hotels and resorts catering to various budgets. Meanwhile, the culinary scene pulsates with a mix of traditional Portuguese flavors and contemporary dining experiences.

Hotels and Resorts

For those mindful of their spending, Lisbon offers a variety of budget-friendly hotels that don’t compromise on comfort or location. One can expect to pay less for accommodations in March compared to the high summer season.

Budget Options

A comfortable yet affordable stay can be found at hotels like Hotel Ibis Lisboa, offering clean rooms and essential services.

Luxury Stays

Travelers looking to indulge in more upscale experiences may opt for the lavish quintas and historic palaces turned luxury hotels.

  • Pestana Palace: Guests can immerse themselves in opulence at the Pestana Palace Lisboa, a restored 19th-century palace that is now a hotel, featuring ornate interiors and majestic gardens.

Restaurants and Bars

Traditional Eats

Lisbon’s culinary landscape thrives on its seafood and traditional Portuguese dishes. Restaurants serve up classics like bacalhau (codfish) and pastéis de nata (custard tarts) to delight the palette of any food enthusiast.

For example, a visit to Cervejaria Ramiro provides an irresistible seafood experience that locals swear by.

Trendy Bars

The city’s bar scene comes alive with a mix of traditional taverns and modern rooftop bars offering panoramic views. For those seeking lively nightlife, Bairro Alto is replete with bars where one can savor local wines and cocktails amidst the ambient chatter of locals and fellow travelers.

With the lower tourist traffic in March, guests often enjoy less crowded venues and personalized service, making for a memorable Lisbon dining and accommodation experience.

Travel Tips

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When planning a trip to Lisbon in March, travelers should consider both the optimal times for pleasant weather as well as strategies for dodging the influx of tourists.

Best Time to Visit

Visiting Lisbon in early to mid-March can be a delightful experience, as the weather begins to warm up, with average daytime highs around 65°F (18°C) and nighttime lows dipping to around 51°F (10°C).

KinVibes Pro-Tip: Flights may also be more affordable before the peak Easter season rush, and tourists can often find better deals on hotels. Keeping an eye on the calendar can help travelers book their trips to coincide with milder weather periods.

Avoiding the Crowds

To enjoy Lisbon without the crowds, one should aim for weekdays early in the month when the tourist flow is lighter. By scheduling visits to popular attractions early in the morning, travelers can take advantage of smaller queues.

For those seeking a more intimate experience of the city, exploring lesser-known neighborhoods or attractions may provide relief from the bustling tourist hotspots.

Sea Conditions

Beach Vacation white sands.

In Lisbon, March brings about a gradual shift in sea conditions from the cooler climes of winter towards the milder spring temperatures. For those looking to dive into the Atlantic waters, sea temperature in this month hovers in a range that some might find a tad chilly.

On average, one can expect the sea temperature to be around 15°C (59°F). Admittedly, this is not the warmest sea temperature Lisbon has to offer, which typically occurs later in the year.

March Sea Temperature Ranges for Lisbon

  • Average High: 16.4°C (61.5°F)
  • Average Low: 13.2°C (55.8°F)

These temperatures, however, do not deter the heartier souls from enjoying water activities. In fact, surfers and dedicated swimmers often take advantage of the less crowded beaches and the relatively consistent conditions.

March can generally be counted on to provide a balance between calm seas and the occasional lively swells that surfers find appealing.

It is always wise for visitors to check the current sea temperature as fluctuations can occur. March seas can have days that are a touch warmer, especially closer to April, making brief dips or watersports more inviting for those less accustomed to the cooler water.

Here’s a quick month summary for water enthusiasts:

  • Maximum recorded temperature: 16.5°C (60.5°F)
  • Minimum recorded temperature: 13.6°C (56.5°F)
  • Average temperature: Approximately 15°C (59°F)

The mild-to-cool sea temperatures of March in Lisbon offer a refreshing choice for swimmers and an energetic playground for surfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pack for a trip to Lisbon in March?

Travelers should prepare for a variety of conditions when visiting Lisbon in March. It’s advised to pack layers, including a waterproof jacket, as well as comfortable footwear for exploring the city.

Can I expect a lot of rain in Lisbon during March?

March does see some rainfall, but it’s usually not excessive. One can expect an average of 6 days of rain, so it’s smart to have an umbrella or raincoat handy.

How does the weather in Lisbon in March compare to April?

March in Lisbon is slightly cooler and wetter when compared to April. As spring progresses, temperatures rise and the likelihood of rain decreases.

What are the chances of catching a sunny week in Lisbon in March?

With mild temperatures and an average of 6 rainy days throughout the month, there’s a good chance of experiencing a sunny week in Lisbon during March.

What are some popular outdoor activities in Lisbon when visiting in March?

Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as visiting historic sites like Belém Tower and São Jorge Castle, or socializing in lively districts like Bairro Alto.

How does Lisbon’s weather in March differ from that of the Algarve region?

Lisbon in March tends to be cooler and possibly wetter than the Algarve region. The Algarve often experiences more stable and warmer weather patterns due to its southern coastal location.


Lisbon in March is a vibrant city that offers an inviting palette of mild weather, burgeoning spring blooms, and the charm of less crowded streets. As you pack your bags, remember the essentials and your sense of adventure.

With the city gently transitioning into spring, visitors are gifted with the perfect backdrop for both leisurely and adventurous pursuits. So, embrace the mild climate, the longer days, and the vibrant atmosphere of Lisbon this March. Let the city’s unique blend of tradition and renewal inspire your journey.

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