Easter Ideas for 1 Year Old: Fun First Holiday Activities

Krystal DeVille

Little girl on her first Easter Sunday

This is your little one’s first Easter. Let’s make it memorable for the family during this fun-filled holiday. Let’s look at some unique toddler Easter basket fillers and creative activities. These Ideas are designed for parents and one-year-olds alike to get a kick out of.

We also have some tips to add traditional charm, promising a basket brimming with wonder and excitement!

Key Takeaways:

  • Easter activities for 1-year-olds should prioritize safety and developmental benefits.
  • Interactive sensory play can be both educational and festive for young children.
  • Practical gifts that grow with the child offer lasting enjoyment beyond Easter.

Essential Easter Basket Items

Easter Ideas for 1 Year Old.

When putting together an Easter basket for 1 year olds, it’s important to choose items that are safe, engaging, and age-appropriate to ensure a delightful Easter morning.

For those looking for Easter basket ideas for 1-year-olds, incorporating 25 Easter basket ideas can be a starting point to ensure you may earn a smile from your littles this 2024.

Easter Baskets: Choosing the Perfect One

Choosing the right Easter basket is the first step.

Parents should look for baskets that are lightweight and easy to carry, making them perfect for toddlers who love to explore. Safety is paramount, so ensuring there are no sharp edges or loose parts is crucial, especially when selecting your baby’s first Easter basket.

Soft Toys for Tactile Exploration

Soft toys serve as cuddly companions for 1 year olds. A plush bunny or stuffed animal can be a comforting presence, and for those looking for Easter gifts for babies, a personalized bunny adds a unique touch, making the gift even more special and a favorite Easter memory.

Easter Books for Story Time

Reading is an excellent way for baby and toddler to learn. Including colorful books about Easter in their basket opens the door to early learning and language development, making it one of the best Easter gifts.

Opt for board books with simple, rhythmic stories that can withstand a bit of rough handling.

Colorful Stacking Toys for Skill Development

Finally, stacking toys enhance fine motor skills and color recognition. Colorful rings or blocks that can stack encourage problem-solving and are perfect for littles hands to grab and arrange, making them great non-candy Easter basket ideas.

Developmental Toys

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For 1-year-olds, developmental toys aren’t just about fun; they’re crucial for skill-building in areas like problem-solving, audial recognition, and motor coordination.

For those looking to fill Easter basket ideas for babies, this section will guide you.

Puzzles and Problem-Solving

Puzzles are a fantastic way for toddlers to develop cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities. Simple wooden puzzles with a few large pieces are ideal, becoming essential Easter basket stuffers for 2 year olds as well.

Music and Sound Toys

Toys that produce sounds or music, like a shaker or Play-Doh, can cultivate an early love of music and aid in audial development. These are excellent Easter gifts for toddlers, providing an interactive experience that’s both educational and entertaining.

Motor Skills: Toys to Grip and Grab

Developing fine motor skills is crucial at this stage. Toys that require gripping, stacking, or fitting together, like textured blocks, help improve motor coordination.

KinVibes Pro-Tip: A balance bike, scaled down for 1-year-olds, can encourage the development of gross motor skills and balance as they learn to walk and eventually ride, making it a great Easter gift and a memorable addition to their first Easter basket.

Creative Easter Fun

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Easter is a time for joy and creativity, especially when engaging with young children. This section explores playful activities tailored for 1-year-olds that combine the spirit of Easter with developmental benefits, perfectly encapsulating Easter 2024 ideas.

Easter Crafts: Stickers and Crayons

Arts and crafts for toddlers can explore their artistic side with simple Easter crafts, making use of sidewalk chalk and crayons for a fun easter basket addition.

These activities gently introduce them to creativity through easter art, emphasizing the joy of making their first favorite easter basket.

  • Materials Needed:
    • Non-toxic crayons
    • Easter-themed stickers
    • Blank sheets of paper

Hand-Eye Coordination: Bubbles and More

Blowing bubbles is an entertaining way to help toddlers develop hand-eye coordination, a fun activity where both kids and adults can join.

Filling a basket full of simple Easter eggs with items like ABC magnets allows toddlers to match and fit pieces together, enhancing their skills with egg-shaped toys and making every carton a discovery box.

  • Interactive Play:
    • Bubble blowing and catching
    • Matching Easter egg halves

Dress Up and Pretend Play

Engaging a toddler’s imagination is crucial, and Jellycat toys, known for their softness, make for a practical easter basket addition.

Dressing up plays a significant part in this creative development, with accessories like Easter-themed sunglasses encouraging pretend play and making the kiddo feel like a part of their own Easter ideas.

  • Props for Pretend Play:
    • Bunny ears or festive sunglasses
    • Musical toys with Easter tunes
    • Books with interactive flaps

Sensory Play and Comfort

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Introducing little ones to sensory play with arts and crafts enhances their developmental learning while ensuring they’re comfortable.

Adding in some best-sellers from the good housekeeping best toy awards can make the Easter experience even more special, offering toys that keep kids engaged and help kids get a tactile and visual sense of the holiday.

Bath time Toys for Enjoyable Learning

Bath time becomes an enjoyable learning experience with the right toys, turning it into a moment where toddlers need Easter-themed play to enhance their sensory experience.

A basket full of colorful toys that help toddlers learn and explore can make every splash a story of discovery.

Soft and Comfy Accessories

Ensuring your toddler will need nothing more for comfortable play, soft and comfy accessories. These additions to your child’s Easter celebration are not just playful but also serve a practical purpose, making the fun toddler experience enriching.

  • Socks: Ensure they are snug but not tight, ideally with grippy soles for safe exploration.
  • Bibs: Look for soft materials with adjustable closures for a just-right fit.

Snuggly Pajamas for Easter Night

After a day of play, your baby deserves the coziest sleep. Easter-themed pajamas with playful bunnies or chicks offer both a festive touch and a comfortable end to the day.

Pajamas should be breathable and roomy to accommodate a peaceful night’s rest, and for added cuteness, Easter-inspired patterns are a bonus.

  • Materials: Opt for natural fibers like cotton for breathability.
  • Design: Pajamas with easy-change features like snap buttons make nighttime changes a breeze.

Food and Snack Ideas

When planning Easter treats for a 1-year-old, safety and health are paramount. Soft and easily consumable snacks are ideal, keeping in mind their limited number of teeth and developing digestive systems. Let’s look at some appropriate food and snack options.

Healthy Treats for Little Ones

For little ones, the Easter Bunny can bring an assortment of nutritious goodies.

  • Fruit pouches
  • Soft fruits (e.g. bananas, apples, chunks)
  • Soft-cooked vegetables (e.g. carrots and sweet potatoes)

Sippy Cups and Feeding Essentials

Easter is also a wonderful time to introduce new sippy cups adorned with spring motifs or bunny illustrations.

These can be filled with water or juice diluted with water for a hydrating treat. Snack catchers filled with small, soft pieces of fruit or O-shaped cereals encourage little ones to feed themselves while keeping spills to a minimum.

They’re a great tool to help them enjoy the holiday festivities with a bit more independence.

Outdoor and Active Toys

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For little ones celebrating Easter, outdoor and active toys can provide hours of entertainment, support their physical development, and embrace the joyous spirit of the holiday.

The focus for 1-year-old children should be on safe, engaging, and age-appropriate toys that encourage exploration and movement.

Easy-to-Use Riding Toys

1. Push-and-Ride Toys: They love the sense of mobility and independence that comes with riding toys. Look for models with a low center of gravity, which are less likely to tip and easier for little legs to navigate.

  • Examples: A simple push car or a kid-powered ride-on can be the perfect fit for a toddler’s first set of wheels.

2. Scoot-along Toys: For kids who aren’t ready to pedal, scoot-along toys can be a great option. They can sit and move the toy with their feet, fostering coordination and balance.

  • Features to Consider: Sturdy wheels, a comfortable seat, and a handle for parents to guide when needed.

3. Activity Balls: Balls are a staple in any young child’s toy collection. Soft rubber balls designed for outdoor play can encourage them to engage in simple throw-and-catch games, promoting motor skills.

Safety TipWhat Parents Should Consider
SupervisionAlways supervise your one-year-old closely during Easter activities, especially around water, small objects, and unfamiliar environments.
Choking HazardsAvoid giving small items that could pose choking hazards, such as small Easter egg toys or decorations. Use larger, age-appropriate toys instead.
Non-toxic MaterialsEnsure all materials, including Easter egg dyes and paints, are non-toxic and safe for children.
Soft Surfaces for PlaySet up play areas on soft surfaces to cushion any falls. Avoid hard or sharp edges where the child might play.
Age-appropriate ActivitiesChoose Easter activities that are suitable for a one-year-old’s developmental stage, avoiding complex crafts or games that may cause frustration or safety risks.

4. Nest and Spin Toys: These can captivate a toddler’s interest with their moving parts and colorful designs, helping to develop their understanding of cause and effect.

  • Options: Look for a sturdy playset that allows them to drop balls or other objects into a spiral, watching them spin and nest.

5. Bath Toys for Outdoor Play: Convert bath time favorites like rubber ducks and bath crayons into outdoor activities. They can draw on the pavement with bath crayons or float ducks in a small kiddie pool.

Practical and Memorable Gifts

When curating Easter gifts for a 1-year-old, one should consider options that serve dual purposes—practicality for everyday joy and keepsakes for lifelong memories. Here’s a look at some thoughtful selections.

When you’re looking to make Easter memorable for your little one, consider the Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit, a delightful toy recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute experts.

This bunny-themed plush is perfect for boys and girls who love to play and comes complete with organic cotton material for safety and durability. It ensures your child has something baby-friendly to cuddle. Plus, its design, which contains a different shape sorting feature, will keep them entertained and offer a fun rite of spring activity.

Useful Items for Everyday Use

For those in need of Easter gift ideas, the Mama Hen plush that eggs are filled with smaller chicks can be a hit. It not only provides a fun hide-and-seek game but also adds an educational twist.

  • Teethers: Look for ones made from safe, non-toxic materials to soothe sore gums.
  • Shapes that are easy to grasp ensure that the teether is as useful as it is appreciated.
  • Baby Shoes: Soft-soled shoes provide protection and comfort for those tentative first steps.

Other everyday practical items:

  • Stuffed Animals or Plush Playsets: Soft toys that are easy to wash and safe for babies.
  • Sippy Cups: Choose BPA-free cups that are spill-proof and have handles for little hands.

And for a bit of tactile play, the Play-Doh Spring Eggs are toys that are perfect for sensory exploration. Don’t forget the Carrot Teether, an excellent choice for soothing gums and introducing a healthy treat option that’s both fun and practical.

Keepsake Gifts for Cherished Memories

Keepsake gifts such as personalized bunnies or special plush playsets create fond memories.

  • Personalized Bunny: A stuffed bunny with the child’s name can be treasured for years.
  • Baby Easter Basket: An Easter basket personalized with the child’s name adds a special touch to the holiday.

For cherished keepsakes:

  • Photo Albums: Start a tradition with a photo album documenting Easter celebrations.
  • Handprint or Footprint Kits: Capture the size of their tiny hands or feet at this age.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative Easter basket ideas for 1-year-olds?

Consider filling baskets with soft books that feature bunny themes or vibrant teething toys to stimulate their senses. Adding washable plush toys and interactive learning toys can also be thoughtful choices.

How can I make Easter special for my one-year-old boy or girl?

To make Easter memorable for your one-year-old boy or girl, customize their Easter basket with age-appropriate gifts. Sippy cups are great for helping them transition from the bottle. Also, cuddly plush toys can become their favorite companions.

What are safe Easter egg hunt alternatives for toddlers?

For safe Easter egg hunt alternatives for toddlers, consider a supervised indoor hunt with larger plastic eggs. Fill these eggs with chunky puzzle pieces or large beads to keep the game safe and enjoyable for them.

What kind of non-chocolate Easter gifts can I give to a 1-year-old?

When thinking of non-chocolate Easter gifts for a 1-year-old, options abound. Board books, bath toys, or soft musical instruments make excellent choices. Toys like Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs offer a fun and safe way for kids to enjoy cracking ‘eggs’.

Are there any simple DIY Easter crafts suitable for a one-year-old?

Simple DIY Easter crafts suitable for a one-year-old include finger painting with non-toxic, washable paints or creating stained glass window effects with colorful tissue paper and contact paper. It’s important to always supervise these activities to ensure they’re safe.

What are age-appropriate Easter activities for a one-year-old?

For age-appropriate Easter activities, consider letting them play with Easter-themed sensory bins filled with items like cotton balls and large plastic eggs. Having a picnic with bunny-shaped sandwiches can make mealtime fun and festive.


In celebrating your 1-year-old’s first Easter, the goal is to blend fun, safety, and developmental enrichment into a holiday that’s memorable for the whole family. The key is to choose gifts and activities that are safe, engaging, and offer a mix of sensory experiences, practical use, and educational value. Ultimately, the best Easter for your little one is one filled with love, laughter, and the chance to explore the world around them in new and exciting ways.

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